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Hot towel cleansing!

Hot towel cleansing!

Unlike dragging a wipe over your skin which weakens and has the potential to irritate skin (and takes years to break down in landfill), cotton pads are relatively no frills and gentle on the skin but they leave skin half clean. Disposable cotton pads also end up in the toilet and our sewer systems, which is an equally important and problematic issue from a sustainability viewpoint.

This is where flannels/hot towels come in - they can be used time and time again.They not only remove every last trace of make up, but they also very gently desquamate the skin leaving it glowing and ready for your active serums.

Warm Up is designed for this simple way of cleansing/exfoliaitng. Quick, effective, simple. Use a fresh one each day and sling in the washer. 


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