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Let’s get this out of the way: It’s GFYS for short, but not the slang acronym!

It’s not a gadget. It’s a skincare workout:

A steady regime of skin fortifiers that always delivers ultra-glowy, healthier, younger skin.

In 2018 after 7 years in clinical skincare, Helen Ritchie asked herself

Why is the skincare industry so fixated on weakening skin?

The one thing I wish girls would stop when it comes to skincare is using products that weaken it, which leads to a cascade of skin health problems. Foaming wash, face wipes, scrubs, CAUSE and perpetuate problems like acne and dryness, sensitivity and early ageing. The ideal programme needs to fortify the skin’s barrier and substructure to lock in hydration and optimise skin function deep within. Unfortunately many products and treatments weaken skin cells or even sacrifice them in overzealous attempts to obtain greater results though harsh injury.

So she did what any go-getting skincare professional would do when she wants something doing right. She did it herself.

Strength Rules

GFYS is the first skin strengthening regime. Turns skin into nothing you’ve experienced before.

RULE 1. Use the right Cleanser. The wrong cleanser will only weaken your skin. So do harsh toners, scrubs, wipes, brushes and aggressive treatments.

RULE 2. You can’t hide unhealthy skin. No amount of botox or fillers can hide a weak, unhealthy complexion.

RULE 3. Fortify Daily! Your face takes a constant beating (from hormones, pollution, sunlight, stress, smoke, and other gunk). It needs DAILY building blocks to energise and prevent premature ageing and the separation of the layers - which present as wrinkles

RULE 4. Prevent Damage. It’s not just about building skin up with ceramides, essential fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol. You also need damage limitation ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants.

RULE 5. Use it or lose it. Like the gym, it’s all about building and maintaining strength and vitality with a daily all-round regime.

We move to a different beat.

We prevent problems rather than treat them.

We don’t do 10-step or skin-type regimes.

We know skin. And we understand people. What everyone really wants is a fast, easy win.

GFYS is an easy pared-back steady regime designed with every busy #GFYSgirl in mind, because like the gym if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.