What is healthy skin?

Gloriously healthy skin is strong. It’s dewy, clear, bright, soft, smooth, balanced. Just like your body needs a great diet. Just like your muscles need a good workout, your skin needs to be fit and healthy too. Our multi-tasking ingredients work with your skin's rhythm (like a thermostat). So we keep it in its best shape all day, everyday. A fit stratum corneum (epidermis) that can withstand the elements, preventing damage. A fully nourished inner core (dermis) that repairs and regenerates optimally,

Why is GFYS the same for all-skin types?

Skin can be dry, oily, spotty, dull, sensitive (all on the same day!) whether you are a teen or in your 70s. Getting strong fit skin is our mission. Just as everybody needs a great diet, every skin needs its 7-a-day. But we don't always get all the nourishment skin needs from our diet. And things like sunlight, smoking, pollution, stress, late nights, all deplete our vital stores. Instead of reducing or increasing the richness of our creams, we manage skin. Our formulas feel different because they are different. Our 'Power of 7' mix of clinical actives and blend of 7 super-light pure oils infuse and cleverly work with your skin's rhythm (rather like a thermostat), keeping skin in peak condition.

As a clean skincare range, why do you use phenoxyethanol?

Take natural oils, pharmaceutical actives, botanicals and water and you have an incredibly hospitable breeding ground for bacteria and fungi (eeek!) that are dangerous to health. Effective, healthy skincare formulations need to be safe. No bacteria. Stable ingredients that do what they promise. Whacking bacteria on its head is essential. Phenoxyethanol is found naturally in green tea but the commercial ingredient, that's synthetically produced, is especially effective and safe in tiny concentrations. It’s the preservative used in intravenous hospital drips. And the Soil Association permits its use in organic products.

Why use a hot flannel?

A hot flannel is warming, comforting and relaxing (but that’s not all). Importantly steamy flannels enhance and accelerate the benefits of the regimen you follow. Ingredients like retinol and vitamin C absorb deeper into the skin for even better results. Pores open to allow better penetration of products and heat aids blood circulation. Locks in moisture too. WINNER

I’ve have spots, blemishes, acne. can you help me?

Absolutely. Acne is caused by a combination of oily skin (excess sebum), bacteria (p.acnes) and poor exfoliation of the inside of the pore. It's usually triggered by hormone changes. Blemish prone skin responds to Vitamins A, B, C (included in all our formulas), AHAs and Salicylic acid (found in Reboot and Rest). Calming skin, controlling excess oils, encouraging natural exfoliation is our aim. The acne cycle is about eight weeks so any intervention will take eight weeks to be effective. Preventing future acne with a consistent daily regime is recommended. Diet can affect acne. Dairy and sugar can make breakouts worse. Shampoo and conditioner can also cause breakouts (wash your face after you wash and condition your hair). NB: If you have severe acne, seek medical advice.

I have patchy skin, can you help me?

Unwanted pigmentation can be sun induced or due to injury in the form of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation or weakened skin. Or it can be a medical issue. It's important to know which kind yours is to be able to treat it effectively. A-Hit, B-Hit and C-Hit are tyrosinase inhibitors and melanin blockers, so they effectively help reduce pigmentation and give skin a more toned even appearance. Reboot increase renewal, Workout blocks UV and the oils in all GFYS formulas strengthen the skin right up.

My skin is sensitive, reactive. Can I use Gym For Your Skin?

Please do. We avoid detergents, too vigorous exfoliation and alcohol toners that can seriously deplete skins natural moisturising factors and lipids that keep skin resilient. When skin is weakened, irritants can get through, skin gets sluggish, dull, drier, red, reactive, tight. Gym For Your Skin rebuilds your skin from the outside. Start by introducing Warm-Up conditioning cleanser, B-Hit and Workout in our 'Not-sensitive-for-a minute' kit.

Skin feels dry, taut post Workout

GFYS Workout feels different because it is different. It dries to a powdery finish. Our workouts hydrates in so many ways - with a blend of seven super-light pure oils rich in omegas 3 6 and 9 and coconut water, ceramides and humectants (ingredients which draw moisture to your skin). Trust us, it infuses instead of sitting on the skin and giving the illusion of moisture.

How can I improve the appearance of my large open pores?

Many of us spend a lot of time and money on products that claim to shrink pores. Pores are the openings of hair follicles that contain oil glands (also called sebaceous glands) that lie below the skin’s surface. Oil glands are more plentiful in the T-zone which is why most enlarged pore problems are concentrated around the nose, forehead and chin. The face has 400 to 800 pores per cm2 compared with 50 pores per cm2 on the arms and legs. Oily skin types are more likely to have enlarged pores.

Ways to treat large pores.

  1. Smooth skin and empty pores reflects light and conceal the pores. Be sure to use Reboot gentle AHA skin refining serum everyday.
  2. Thickening the walls of the pores goes a long way toward decreasing their visibility. Formulas that strengthen the pores like A-Hit, B-Hit and C-Hit provide the extra muscle to your daily facial workout for an intense collagen boost.
  3. Another way to minimise the appearance of large pores is to reduce the size and output of oil glands. Retinol in Rest and A-Hit and Niacinamide in B-hit trigger the skin to produce less oil. Retinol also helps prevent the build-up of dead skin cells and oil inside the hair follicle that leads to dilation of the pores in the first place.  

Why don't I need an anti-ageing moisturiser?

We will all get wrinkles one day. While there is a genetic component, ethnicity and lifestyle habits play a major role here. Sun exposure is the primary cause of premature skin ageing, due to its destructive effect on the skin barrier and essential skin proteins like collagen and elastin deep within. A-Hit and Rest contain Retinol which is the only ingredient capable of reversing sun-induced damage at a DNA level. While Zinc oxide, super antioxidants, vitamins, omega oils and hydrators are all included to protect your skin from the elements.

Can men use GFYS products

Yep, all our products are unisex and can be used by anyone.

Males especially love our Warm Up which can double as a shave cream, reboot exfoliating serum, B-Hit calming serum, Workout day nutrition and defence.

What does clinical strength mean?

Clinical, medical and Doctor branded skincare is all over the internet and beauty shelves. But what does it mean? The uneasy answer is that it means different things to different people. It can even occasionally be more of a signal of where a brand wants to physically place a product for sale, rather than an indicator of what it contains – in a skin clinic with a host doctor, for example. Confusing!

When we use the term transformative clinical strength skincare, we mean that the ingredients included are formulated to the maximum strength recommended by each ingredient’s developer. Therefore our customers get the highest quality and most concentrated level of active ingredients available on the market.