Ageing - toning kit

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Ageing - toning kit
Ageing - toning kit
Ageing - toning kit
Ageing - toning kit

What is it:

A complete DNA repair and strengthening workout to undo or stave off early ageing.

Who is it for:

All skin types + tones. 30+ age. Skin showing signs of early ageing like sun damage, patchiness, fatigue, lines, uneven texture, loss of colour/glow.

What it does:

It's a daily infusion of 24 healthy fortifying ingredients that form the building blocks of strong fit skin. (Many regimes do not address all goals).

The extra hit of vitamin B in B-hit absorbs quickly and builds the skin barrier so skin stands up to environmental stresses and glows.

The extra hit of vitamin C in C-hit energises, brightens and stimulates collagen and elastin for firmer younger skin.

The extra hit of Reboot increases natural exfoliation leaving skin looking smoother and fresher.  Resets skin pH for optimum skin processes.

The extra hit of retinol in A-hit repairs damaged DNA to undo early ageing. A-hit is potent so build up slowly. 

Repairs, protects, and strengthens your weak skin barrier to lock in hydration and prevent problems. Skin that holds onto moisture has a youthful-looking glow and functions optimally.

Strengthens your skin against pollution, sunlight, stress, smoke and other gunk which cause premature ageing.

Helps relieve and prevent skin problems before they hatch by keeping skin in balance and in top shape.

Energises and supplements the skin's depleting reserves stimulating repair and optimum skin function deep within.

Firms, tones and prevents the separation of the layers - which present as wrinkles and loss of support for the epidermis.

This clinician-developed skin system is gently transformative - softens, smooths, intensely hydrates and optimises skin leaving it ultra-glowy.

Your Maintenance Kit includes Warm Up Conditioning Cream Cleanser, Workout Day Nutrition and Defence Natural Moisturiser, Reboot Skin Reviver Booster Serum, B-Hit, C-Hit, A-Hit booster serums.



STEP 1. WARM UP. Apply a pea size amount to damp skin. Wet your fingertips and massage in circular motions for 30-60 seconds to ensure your skin is getting all of the goodness possible from the cleanser. Rinse clean with a hot towel.

STEP 2 AM. Apply a layer of B-hit and C-hit.

STEP 3 AM Apply a layer of WORKOUT moisturiser to finish.

STEP 2 PM. After your WARM UP, apply a veil of REBOOT and A-hit to clean skin.

STEP 3 PM. Coat the face and neck and chest with REST before bed.



    Made form the finest clinically and naturally fortifying ingredients sourced from around the world, this skincare is 100% guaranteed to make your skin strong, fit, healthy.


    Powering recovery

    Powering defence

    Powering renewal.

    (Blend of apricot kernel seed, cranberry seed, starflower, safflower, squalane, wheatgerm oils + ceramides)
    Powering condition

    Powering vitality

    Powering energy

    Powering protection

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    • All GFYS skincare products are healthy, vegan-friendly, FREE of ingredients potentially harmful to skin health including: Artificial fragrance, colour, parabens, chemical sunscreens, Phalates, SLS, MEA, DEA, TEA, Mineral Oil, Propylene glycol.

    • We don't want anything standing between you and the best skin you've ever had!
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