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Micro needle roller

What is it:

It’s the unsung hero of fit healthy, youthful skin. Dermal needling is far more than collagen induction. Micro injury from a 0.25mm or 0.5mm home roller will reset and reboot skin function to optimum levels. So if skin is patchy or doesn’t pigment, needling resets skin colour. Needling lifts, plumps, sculpts facial contours in the long-term and plays an important role in treating acne.

Who is it for:

All skin types + tones + ages.  All conditions - even acne. (Do not roll over active dermatitis)

What it does:

While it does help enhance infusion of your skincare serums (which in turn energises skin), its role is far more significant. It stimulates cells to release growth factors, and improves skin processes and quality without the payoffs associated with many clinical procedures.

Our skin loses about 1% of collagen a year, leading to signs of ageing. Needling with 0.25mm enhances product absorption and stimulates cells to release growth factors, giving skin cells a boost of energy to keep your skin's metabolism strong and signs of ageing away. And is safe enough for everyday use.

Needling with 0.5mm triggers the wound healing cascade to stimulate cell renewal and fibroblasts to increase the skin's volume and support structure. Advance to 0.5mm after 6 to 9 months and use once a week.



Roll firmly and evenly over skin in a methodical manner.
Use daily or weekly prior to applying serums, working back and forth 4 times in each direction.
Rinse after each use.
Clean the roller using a gentle anti-bacterial solution (such as Miltons) found in the baby section of your local supermarket.
Please note this device is not to be shared. Replace every 9-12 months.

Pro tip

Like the gym, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. When people don’t see immediate results they quit. Yes it takes effort - a few minutes morning and night to roll but if you can stick to it, in the long-term you’ll have lifted and sculpted contours, balanced skin and will thank us down the line for recommending.

What to expect 


    • A tingly sensation and some immediate redness which quickly disappears.

    • Potential dryness for a few days while the skin renews.

    • A more comfortable experience than using a metal rollers.

  • Long term improvement in skin quality and facial contours.


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