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June 10, 2020 3 min read

Summer is here, though not as we know it. It’s usually a time when we’re outdoors, getting excited and planning for our holidays. But, this summer – with more time spent at home, more stress, more skin rethinking is in order.


We think caring for your skin whatever the season should be as easy and carefree as the summer itself.

A carefree summer usually includes less makeup, more self-tan, more vitamin D, more sunscreen, oily problem skins often dry out and we worry less.

But we have more to be worried about these days, and people are suffering with far drier skins and more breakouts. Here are our top tips to help your skin survive or new lives with less freedom...

Be mindful of drying cleansers.
More time at home and skin can really dry out. Oily skins might like the breather but if your skin is dry don’t add insult to injury by further parching your skin with foaming cleansers. Suds ruin every beautiful quality that your skin has naturally - even oily skin. Now is a good time to rethink your cleansing regimen.

Proper cleansing in any weather should be your number-one priority, and by proper, we mean keeping your natural moisture balance intact so skin isn’t parched by arid weather, and skin stays strong and resilient. That means taking foaming wash, micellar water, wipes and alcohol toners off the menu entirely, especially salicylic washes that really strip moisture and make your skin so much weaker.

This summer might just be the time to adopt sud-free, alcohol free, emulsifier free cleansing. With those options the skin will further dry out but not in a good way. It will reduce your outer protective layer, dehydrate skin, cause a downward cascade in healthy skin process, slower desquamation (skin starts to go bumpy and you get spots), ultimately it spells poorer skin health. 

With these powerful skin conditioners - ceramides, cholesterol, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and four pure oils rich in omegas, Warm Up conditioning cleanser is the summer lover’s dream clean: one product that cleanses and conditions, and helps you get dewy, trouble free skin. 

Ramp up skin strength and defence

Next, you’ll need B-Hit and C-Hit to help prevent patchy pigmentation and counteract the drying effects of the day and also Workout multi-tasking moisturiser to soothe any irritation and defend against UV, light and Infrared. Workout gives your skin strength without any greasiness. Super antioxidants green tea and resveratrol are so brilliant for maintaining beautiful healthy skin.


If you must lie in the sun, keep exposure to the sun limited, wear a hat, sunglasses to keep the sun off the face. Always use a physical sunscreen to screen the sun’s UV rays without chemicals, and do top it up every two hours.

Embrace home rolling

Many women are focussing less on makeup and more so on their skin and are starting to understand their natural skin condition. With salons not opening until July and still uncertainty of how invasive treatments will be handled, it’s a great time to begin home rolling.

Remember what you do everyday matters more than what you do once a month.

Rolling stimulates growth factors and collagen and helps skin heal. It’s such a natural way of caring for your skin. And it will boost penetration of our vitamin serums to accelerate repair and renewal. Now is a great time to work on loving what nature gave you.


Most of all, our summer prescription is to relax, have fun. When you’ve taken all the worry out of summer skincare, you’ll be able to do just that.

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