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Acne & Breakout Kit

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Don't fight acne, feed it. People tend to treat breakouts all wrong - really quite drying - weakening skin and perpetuating inflammation.

We take a counter approach to traditional acne skincare routines. Instead of attacking skin and degreasing, we strengthen and nurture it to help optimise skin function and rebalance the elements that are off balance. This kit regulates renewal, clarifies pores, reduced excess oil from within, reduces bacteria, inflammation and encourages balance.

Acne skin arises due to a genetic predisposition. Breakouts, however, are a temporary response to improper product usage, bacteria presence, food intolerances, or hormonal fluctuations  Our Acne & Breakout kit helps both types.

Your Acne Kit includes:

Warm Up Conditioning Cream Cleanser 100ml or 15ml
Workout Day Nutrition and Defence Natural Moisturiser 50ml or 15ml
Rest Overnight Recovery Moisturiser 50ml or 15ml
Reboot Skin Reviver Booster Serum 30ml or 15ml
B-Hit vitamin booster serum 30ml or 15ml
A-Hit vitamin booster serum 30ml or 15ml
C-Hit vitamin booster serum 30ml or 15ml






What it does

It's a daily infusion of 24 healthy fortifying ingredients that form the building blocks of strong fit skin. (Many anti-blemish regimes weaken skin rather than build it up, perpetuating the cycle).

The extra hit of vitamin B in B-hit absorbs quickly and reduces and controls excess oils, so skin looks fresh.

The extra hit of vitamin C in C-hit reduces the p-acne bacteria controlling breakouts and the inflammation associated with a breakout. Also helps to repair and heal scar tissue.

The extra hit of Reboot clears spots up and pores by exfoliating dead skin cells, stopping them from settling in the pores, leaving skin looking cleaner and clearer, with less clogging.

The extra hit of retinol in A-hit calms over-active skin. A-hit is potent, so in younger skins we recommend boosting with B-Hit and Reboot to begin with and progressing to C-hit then only A-hit if needed.

Repairs, protects, and strengthens your weak skin barrier to lock in hydration and problems. Skin that holds onto moisture has a youthful-looking glow and functions optimally.

Strengthens your skin against pollution, sunlight, stress, smoke and other gunk which cause imbalance.

Helps relieve and prevent skin problems before they hatch by keeping skin in balance and in top shape.

This clinician-developed skin system is gently transformative - softens, smooths, intensely hydrates and optimises skin leaving it ultra-glow.


STEP 1. WARM UP. Apply like a moisturiser. Wet hands, gently massage with fingertips, circular motions. Eye area too. Neck and chest, go for it. Rinse clean with a hot towel.

STEP 2 AM. Apply a layer of B-hit and C-hit.

STEP 3 AM Apply a layer of WORKOUT moisturiser to finish. (Side note: you can also use anytime to calm inflamed and irritated skin).

STEP 2 PM. After your WARM UP, apply REBOOT to your blemish areas only. Leave on overnight.

LAST STEP PM. Coat the face and neck and chest with A-hit before applying a layer of Rest Overnight recovery moisturiser.

Coaching Tip

People tend to treat breakouts all wrong - really quite drying and inflammatory. It’s hard to get your head around, but keeping your barrier strong (which means no degreasing) is a key factor to getting healthy skin, otherwise skin rebels.

Who is it for?

All skin types + tones. All ages. Blemish-prone skin.


Made form the finest clinically and naturally fortifying ingredients sourced from around the world, this skincare is 100% guaranteed to make your skin strong, fit, healthy.


VITAMINS A B C E Powering recovery
MINERALS (ZINC OXIDE) Powering defence
ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS /LIPIDS RICH IN OMEGAS 3 6 9 (Blend of apricot kernel seed, cranberry seed, starflower, safflower, squalane, wheatgerm oils + ceramides) Powering condition
CO-ENZYME Q10 + GLUTATHIONE Powering energy
GREEN TEA + RESVERATROL Powering protection


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