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So many of our clients arrive at our door having spent years using detrimental or inactive skincare. It’s like years of eating junk food – skin looks bad and performs poorly. That's why we exist

We introduce clients to a new clinical product regime. But it's typically more expensive and more complicated than their usual high-street brands.

The salon industry is undergoing unprecedented upheaval and changes are happening faster than many of us are ready to accept. Consultations are successfully happening via video chat. Every professional range is available online more competitively (with FREE next - day delivery). Our clients buy their first products in salon (or via Zoom) based on our professional recommendations, but they are replenishing online.

With one - click, they are topped up and saving money. It's the new norm.

Putting this altogether, the salon revenue model as we know maybe gone forever.

But GFYS has not only been designed to support the client with more affordable and simple regimes that keep it real, we are also here to support professionals.

We have created a way forward to support practitioners and sail together through the new world. Drop us a line to find out more about our skincare line and how we can shape a new chapter in your business.


GFYS Founder (& practitioner)

Helen Ritchie

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